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Firstly, if you are wondering, what on earth is ‘Kairosgraphy’?! “Kairos” is an ancient Greek word meaning the right or the supreme moment. The ancient Greeks had two words for time, ‘Chronos’ and ‘Kairos’. While ‘Chronos’ is quantitative, ‘Kairos’ has a qualitative nature. So I took one Greek word out of ‘Photo-graphy’ and added another! ☺

As for me – I’m Ganesh and apart from making up new words in my spare time, I also enjoy taking photographs of everything that I wish to remember in my life. My appreciation for photography came from my dad, who had a great passion for it during my childhood in the 70’s. His cameras ranged from a Kodak-Retina in the 60’s to an Olympus OM in the late 70’s.

Over the years photography has remained an expensive hobby of mine, till I eventually turned professional. As a husband and a father, I get my inspirations from my two favourite subjects, my wife Tracey and our daughter Diya!

I feel liberated when I take photographs and I love the fact that the products of my fascination ends up being cherished memories for people, who may or may not feature in them. I guess this is how a professional sports person would feel, when they are appreciated for doing what they enjoy the most! Although some aspects of my portraiture work does involve an element of artistic direction; when it comes to documenting a ceremony or an occasion, it is my ultimate aim to capture that ‘Kairos’ moment, whilst my subjects are at ease. Irrespective of its age, I believe that a well composed and captured image needs no narration for the viewers to feel the ambiance of that instance. Hence my ethos is to capture the qualitative moments that can be rejoiced by generations!